About Us

YCNC is a group of like-minded young construction entrepreneurs coming together on one platform. We at YCNC believe that team effort fosters leadership and for us is to think beyond self. We believe this character lead to prosperity of the construction sector which in turn will lead to our collective growth.

Members of our association include contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers. The Association is a not for profit social organization. YCNC focuses on the young entrepreneurs and professionals in the industry working for member companies operating in Nepal and abroad. YCNC members will belong in their individual capacity. It will be open to all disciplines. YCNC was formed with a view to enhance the competitive strength and skills for Nepalese Contractors to be able to compete at the international level.

YCNC envisages to build on the network of peers thereby enhancing the workplace effectiveness. It focuses on the continuing education programs on pertaining issues and management principles to promote growth and competitiveness of our members. YCNC will become an effective platform for sharing information on the current issues and the best practices in the industry and will play a constructive role in the technology transfer to local industries. Members also participate in the industry events, community support events, social activities and fellowships.